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VIPColor VP495 GHS Color Label Printer

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VIPColor VP495 GHS Color Label Printer

VP495 GHS Label Printer

GHS labeling requirements are starting to become prevalent in the US. Thus, a next-generation color on-demand printer for GHS labels that allows for distributed printing in your organization is extremely valuable. The VIPColor VP495 GHS Label printer meets this need by being BS5609 compliant when used with VP495 Chemical Labels, producing a long-lasting durable print. 

VP495 GHS Printer Specifications
The VP495 is a Windows based label printer that ships with USB and Ethernet connection. It uses 2 print heads, and 256 MB memory built-in. The printer comes with and uses HP pigment ink-based cartridges of four different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It includes a starter roll, power and USB cables. Print speed is up to 3.8 inches per second, and can print up to 1200x1200 dpi print resolution. It uses paper, tag, and synthetic media. Media size can be 1.5 to 8.5 inches width, and 1.5 to 48 inches length. The VP495 prints pre-die-cut pressure sensitive labels on rolls.

VP495 GHS Printer Features
The VP495 GHS label printer provides just-in-time GHS labels, eliminating wastage from duplicate or extra prints. Savings on lamination and coating help you conserve finances, while the durability of the labels ensures that the print lasts for a year or longer even in sunlight. The unit has a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer as well.

VP495 Printer Applications
In addition to GHS label printing; there are many different types of labels that you can print with the device, serving a variety of business applications. You can print logistical / hardware labels detailing specific products in your inventory, cleanser & chemical labels, horticulture labels, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements containing precise chemical and nutrient composition, and shipping labels with barcodes and QR codes.

VP495 Supplies
Argon Technology is your source for all your supplies for the VIPColor VP495 GHS label printer. They carry all the VP495 ink cartridges and VP495 labels. The VP495 can print labesl on rolls or fan-folded. Printer ships with an unwinder so that you can print from large label rolls up to 10 inches in diameter. If needed, you can also setup up a rewinder as well, to do roll to roll printing.