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Primera Label Printers: Exceptional Print Quality, Exceptional Value

Primera Technology manufactures high resolution color label printers and digital laser presses designed for printing photographic quality product labels (also known as "prime" labels). With a family of color label printers in various configurations and price ranges, Primera offers exceptional print quality and an exceptional value.

Primera Label Printers for Small-Size and Short Run Product Label Printing

We carry a wide selection of Primera color label printers for smaller operations: the Primera LX500. The LX500 color label printer is ideal for product manufacturers who print small labels (up to 4.25 inches wide) in short print runs of a couple hundred labels at once. The Primera LX500 is an easy-to-use, high resolution (up to 4800 dpi) desktop color label printer with an affordable price. Learn more about the Primera LX500… 

Primera Label Printers for Larger Sizes and More Efficient Label Production Runs

Need to print larger color labels, faster, and in larger quantities? Look no further than the Primera LX910. The Primera LX910 prints labels as wide as 8.25 inches at a high speed (draft mode is as fast as 4.5 inches per second). Like the LX500, the Primera LX910 can print at 4800 dpi for the ultimate in print quality. If you're looking for a high quality, fast, reliable, and efficient color product label printer for print runs of up to 3,000 per month. 

Primera Digital Label Printing Solutions

Primera Technology also offers industrial-grade digital label printing solutions for larger print runs. The following digital label printing solutions from Primera Technology are lightning fast, high capacity label production workhorses:

  • Primera CX1000 - Can print pre-die-cut labels at speeds of up to 16.25 feet per minute and can be left unattended. Supports Pantone® spot color and prints at up to 2400 dpi. Compatible with the Primera FX1000 Matrix Removal System. Learn more about the Primera CX1000
  • Primera CX1200 - The Primera CX1200 digital label press is a powerful, professional label production solution perfectly suited for print runs of up to 25,000 at once. Flexible and affordable, the Primera CX1200 has a fantastic ROI and low per label costs. We recommend pairing the Primera CX1200 with the FX1200 Digital Label Finishing System. Learn more about the Primera CX1200

Primera GHS BS5609 Label Printers

Primera is the world’s largest color label printer manufacturer and has printers that can be used for printing your own GHS chemical labels: the new Primera LX2000. The new Primera LX2000 uses pigment inkjet technology that produces high resolution GHS labels at 4800 dpi at speeds of up to 6 inches per second. The Primera LX2000 is the best high resolution GHS label printer under $3500 in the market. Learn more about Primera’s GHS label printers… 

Specialty Printers from Primera Technology

Primera Technology also offers an RFID label printer, the Primera RX900 RFID, as well as an innovative laser marking system, the Primera LP130, for ablating durable films. Like their counterparts, these Primera speciality label printers bring powerful industrial-strength solutions (such as RFID label printing and laser marking) to the desktop. Learn more about the Primera RX900F RFID or the Primera LP130

Who Can Benefit from Buying Primera’s Color Label Printers?

Primera label printers are ideal for small and mid-sized product manufacturers who want the best product label quality, ease of use, and an affordable price. Primera Technology makes it possible to move away from expensive commercial printing services to establishing your own in-house label production center. Desktop label printing has become a reality!

Argon Technology: Your Headquarters for Primera Label Printers

Argon Technology offers Primera Technology color label printers along with everything you need to produce your own high-resolution product labels. We are Primera Technology specialists and are always happy to assist. Contact us today to get started.