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VIPColor Label Printers


VIPColor Color Label Makers

VIPColor Technologies makes several excellent label makers and barcode printer products and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a label maker and barcode printer to print color product labels or a GHS label printer for printing chemical drum labels, choosing a VIPColor color label maker could be the right choice for you.

Label Printing for Retail Merchandise and Durable Goods

VIPColor is well known for its product and industrial label printers. The VP485 with its dye-based inks is ideal for printing labels intended for retail merchandise thanks to its high resolution print quality. You can use it as product or price label printer. The VP495 with its pigment inks is a GHS label printer for product carton labels, GHS chemical drum labels, and other industrial applications where label durability is of utmost importance.

Not sure exactly what you need? Our sales associates are happy to help you find the right product, barcode, or price label printer for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a barcode printer, consider how you will be using the barcodes. Will the barcode be integrated into a full color product label? If so, we suggest looking at the VIPColor VP485 which produces beautiful full color graphics and text. On the hand, if your barcode labels will be going on industrial or chemical products, the VIPColor VP495 GHS color label printer might be the better option as it can print barcode labels, GHS BS5609-compliant chemical drum labels, and other industrial label requiring durability.

No matter what type of product, barcode or price label printer you’re looking for, we’re committed to helping you make a great choice. Start by reading about the VIPColor label printers listed below. If you have any questions, give us a call.