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Blank Labels for Primera Color Label Printers sells blank labels for Primera color label printers. Primera Technology uses different print technologies, inks (dye inks and pigment inks), and toners across its product lineup, making it important to choose blank Primera labels engineered for those characteristics. All of the Primera labels that we sell are grouped according to the Primera color label printers that they are designed to be used with. For example, if you have a Primera LX900, you’ll find a selection of LX900 labels compatible with the Primera LX900 color label printer in the list below. The LX500 and LX400 dye-based color inkjets are also well represented with blank LX400 and LX500 labels. We also stock blank labels for Primera CX1000 and CX1200 digital label presses, which are laser powered, and for the LX2000, which is a GHS label printer.

  • LX400 / LX500 labels – The Primera LX400 and LX500 use the same labels. These labels are on 2-inch cores and max 5-inch OD rolls. We have labels, name badges and tags for these compact color label printers.
  • LX900 – dye-based inkjet labels – We have the largest selection of these labels, all on 3-inch cores and max 6-inch OD rolls.
  • LX1000 & LX2000 – pigment based inkjet labels – The LX1000 and LX2000 can use all of the LX900 labels listed here. In addition, the Chemical labels are GHS BS5609 compliant and great for extreme durability with saltwater and chemicals.
  • Primera CX1200 label rolls – These are available in variety of materials in 8.5” x 1250 feet in matte and high gloss paper, vinyl, polyester and GHS BS5609 matte polyester.

Find compatible Primera labels for your specific Primera color label printer by selecting your model in the list below.

Custom Primera Labels Available

Do you need a custom size or shape? ArgonStore can make custom blank Primera labels for you in the material, size and shape you need. Request custom Primera labels here.

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