Color Label Printers

Color Label Printers for All of Your Label Production Needs

Argon Technology offers reliable, high quality color label printers from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry. We are proud to offer color label printers from Epson, Afinia, Primera, iSys, VIPColor, and NeuraLog.

Quality Label Printouts Start with Quality Color Label Printers

Each of the color label printers listed below has met our high standards for:

•              Quality and Reliability — We carry color label printers capable of printing photo quality labels in full color. With resolutions of up to 4800dpi, you won't be disappointed in Primera color label printers. Though spot color models print crisp graphics and text at lower resolutions than "prime" label printers, Epson color label printers produce good-looking labels and tags that won't smudge or smear. If you need to print your own chemical BS5609 labels, we have BS5609-certified color label printers. Each of the color label printers we carry is backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

•              Affordability / ROI — We offer color label printers in all price ranges and can help you select a color label printing solution that quickly pays for itself.

Choosing the Best Color Label Printer for Your Needs

Whether you need an entry-level color label printer capable of producing crisp, high resolution color labels or want to optimize label production with a high-speed digital color label press, we carry the perfect color label printer for your needs. Our team of friendly sales representatives is readily available to help. Contact us today to learn more. 

The finest color label printers in the USA

Color label printers are ones of the most innovative printing machines that are widely used in commercial and advertisement. No wonder – the magic of color is one of the most powerful client-attracting tools, so business owners keep seeking new ways to make it work for them.

Argon Technology provides them with this opportunity by offering the most efficient models of these printing machines made by the professional brands.

Pick the best solution

 Each brand we offer for sale has its own trademark feature, buy they all have several things in common:


Get vivid colors and high resolution that your business deserves, improve your label printing speed.


Enjoy smooth performance and easy usability regardless of the chosen brand and printer type.

  Guaranteed return of investments

Adding color to your label printing is rewarding: you will cover all expenses for acquiring one of our machines. Moreover, our pricing range is very budget-friendly and meets the needs of both small and large businesses. We take pride in working with business owners and large companies. 

Our broad deluxe selection includes the most various types of devices for color label printing:

  Industrial color label printers

  Color label presses

  Commercial color label printers

All necessary software, tools and cartridges are also available for sale at Argon Technology.

Worldwide delivery

Argon Technology ships printers to any part of the world. Although the price may differ depending on the country, many business owners that worked with us found the cost much more affordable compared to the pricing of other companies. We ship free of charge to the cities of USA and Canada. Once you contact us and make and order, our service will bring it to you in the shortest time possible.