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To keep your business running uninterruptedly and you always had the highest quality labels, it's better to have near at hand VIPColor Ink replaceable cartridges. These are single-use ink cartridges that are not intended for refilling. They are used in VIPColor VP485 / 495 GHS printers and presented in 4 colors: yellow, magenta, cyan and black.


  • Each cartridge is replaced separately, so it significantly reduces costs
  • Displaying the ink level of each cartridge, that enables to define necessity and frequency of replacing the cartridge
  • Paint is resistant to water, scratch, smudging
  • Labels have a bright saturated color
  • The ability to attach two print cartridges to one print head provides a more compact construction and design

Who needs

If you need labels for industrial equipment, for refrigerated and frozen foods, for cosmetics or garden tools, barcodes and much more - the VIPColor printing system is perfect for work in the office or at home.

You can choose everything you need for a complete label printing cycle in our store:

  • Inks VIPColor VP485 for VP485 printer are produced on a water basis, provide excellent resistance to stains and scratches. And the technology of thermal inkjet printing will ensure a high speed of work. Thus, the VP485 inkjet printer is ideal for small businesses, since it is the most economical in maintenance (replacement of cartridges and tapes for printing) compared with other inkjet printers of this class.
  • Printer VP495, in turn, uses VIPColor VP495 Cartridges with pigment based ink. Labels made with these inks are resistant not only to technical damage but also withstand prolonged exposure to light and moisture and can serve in harsh conditions for up to 12 months.The VIPColor VP495 Ink cartridges are used with the Black-Yellow and Cyan-Magenta printheads on silicon wafers for high precision and print alignment.

If you need professional color tags - confidently choose VIPColor Ink Cartridges, which guarantee the result of the high quality and reliability!