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Choosing Your Color Laser Printer

10th Apr 2019

heat press accessories

With the variety of color laser printers and heat press accessories on the market, you may need a bit of help to select the right items for you. Printing labels is a big job these days as labels are so ubiquitous. For example, research tell us that 72% of consumers almost always read the nutritional panel on products' labels. It's important that your labels are correct, look professional, and work conveniently with your business needs.

Handheld Printers. These convenient and portable small devices allow you to bring them along with you and print on-demand labels at just about any location.

Thermal Label Printers. These printers essentially use heat to melt pigments onto various types of materials, including paper, tape and shrink tubing. When selecting your thermal label printer, be sure to look for a compact model and check its compatibility with Mac and Windows products, and various laptops.

Offerings include Seiko Label Printers and shrink tube printers. Seiko Label Printers use thermal technology to print labels without using any ink. The application of heat leads to a chemical reaction on the paper which reveals the black text and graphics you send to the printer. These printers come with low operating costs as you do not have to purchase ink cartridges, toners or ribbons. Shrink tube printers are great for producing heat-shrink sleeve markers, self-laminating wire markers, tamper evident tape and adhesive-backed labels.

Heat Transfer Printers. These printers work similarly to thermal label printers in that they use heat to melt pigment onto materials. However, these printers melt ribbon whereas direct thermal printers use no ribbons.

Label Rewinders and Unwinders. Rewinders work to roll labels as they are printed so they are neatly arranged rather than on the floor. Unwinders feed labels into your printer from a roll. They are calibrated to do the work accurately in line with the device’s pace so you need to ensure that you choose an unwinder designed specifically to work with your printer.

Label Finishers. A wide range of label finishers include UV coaters, label applicators and dispensers, and laminates.

Label Software. Label software helps make label creation and printing effective and efficient. Choose your label software from a top brand designed to help you create all types of labels you use, from product descriptions to barcode labels.

Argon Technology offers myriad types of color laser printers and heat press accessories, and free delivery to most cities in the U.S. and Canada.