Seiko Label Printers

Seiko Label Printers for Barcode Labels and Beyond

Seiko’s SLP (Smart Label Printer) label printers are compact, desktop label printers that can be used to print a variety of small labels on demand. This type of label maker can be used as a barcode printer for printing barcode labels or for placed near your mailing room for printing address labels. With its small footprint and low cost, this is the best label printer style for quick and easy office labeling applications. Use the label maker at your desk to print appointment card labels, security vouchers, name tag labels, binder labels, file folder labels, price labels with barcodes, carton labels with barcodes, and more.

Advantages of Seiko Thermal Label Printers

Each Seiko SLP thermal label maker listed below can be used as either a label maker or barcode printer. These label printers use thermal technology to print labels and barcode labels without ink. The heat causes a chemical reaction on the paper, revealing the black text and graphics you just sent to the printer. As a result, Seiko thermal label printers have low operating costs because there are no ink cartridges, toners, or ribbons to replace. Simply load the label maker with blank address or barcode labels and you’re good to go.

If you need an affordable, simple desktop label maker for quickly printing small black and white labels and barcode labels, browse the Seiko thermal label printers listed below.

What’s the difference between the three models?

SLP Model

Print Resolution


SLP 620

203 DPI


SLP 650

300 DPI



300 DPI

USB, RS-232C

300 DPI print resolution will produce better print quality. RS-232C is a serial port used on legacy computers to connect this this printer.