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Primera FX1000 Maxtrix Removal System [single take-up mandrel]

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Primera FX1000 Maxtrix Removal System (single take-up mandrel)

The FX1000 Matrix Removal System from Primera is a fast, easy way to remove waste labels matrix from printed rolls of pre-die cut labels, making it a perfect accessory for the Primera CX1000 Color Laser Label Printer. In addition, it slits the liners and rewinds the printed labels into finished rolls that are always perfect. The tightly wound finished rolls are ready for use on 3” cores in applicators and label dispensers. 

The Primera FX1000 Matrix Removal System is available with either a single or dual rewind mandrel, and the universal power supply can handle worldwide voltages from 100 to 240 VAC. It has seven slitting blades and provides separate tension control settings for the upper and lower mandrels. The input and output roll maximums are 12 inches (305 mm), and it accepts web widths between 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) and 8.5 inches (216 mm). 

The Primera FX1000 includes everything you need to remove the matrix and slit a roll of printed material. The following items are included: 

  • Euro and USA/Japan power cord located in supply box
  • 7 Slitter Blades. These are preinstalled in the slitter station
  • Assortment of Cardboard Cores (located in the media box)
  • 2 mm Hex Driver
  • 3 mm Hex Driver
  • Foam Weeder Rollers

Easy-to-read instructions are provided for the light initial assembly that is required as well as how to operate the equipment. The foam weeder roller can be installed for enhanced weeding performance with synthetic materials such as polyester, polypropylene, and vinyl. The weeder roller can also be used for improved weeding performance with non-standard die cuts or when labels are being pulled up with the matrix. Ongoing maintenance is minimal, primarily cleaning the rollers and removing dust, plus replace the slitter blades as needed.

The ideal operating environment for the Primera FX1000 is 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit (20-23 degrees Celsius) and 40 to 55 percent humidity. The estimated weight is 220 pounds, and it measures 48”W x 26.5”D x 25”H (121.9 cmW x 66.3 cmD x 63.1 cmH).

Optional accessories include additional cardboard cores in four different sizes, and one- and two-year extended warranties are also available. The standard warranty is one year.