Epson TM-C7500 GHS Ink Cartridges

Epson TM-C7500 Ink Cartridges | ColorWorks C7500 Ink Cartridges

The Epson TM-C7500 GHS color label printer uses four separate pigment inks in individual color ink cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow). These are large 340 ml ink cartridges that can print thousands of labels per cartridge. The OEM replacement Epson ColorWorks C7500 ink cartridges listed below are the standard high yield cartridges used in the Epson TM-C7500 matte color label printer.

The Epson ColorWorks C7500 GHS label printer uses the Epson SJIC26P DURABrite® Ultra pigment ink cartridges and the     Epson SJMB7500 maintenance box.

Since the TM-C7500 GHS printer uses the Epson PrecisionCore printhead, you will never need to replace it. The printer cleans the printhead and deposits the waste ink into the maintenance box. So, always make sure you buy an extra maintenance box with the inks.


C33S020614   SJIC26P              

            Epson TM-C7500 Black Pigment Ink Cartridge

C33S020615   SJIC26P

Epson TM-C7500  Cyan Pigment Ink Cartridge

C33S020616   SJIC26P

Epson TM-C7500 Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge

C33S020617   SJIC26P

Epson TM-C7500  Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge


C33S020596   SJMB7500 

            Epson TM-C7500 Maintenance Box

These Epson inks cannot be used with the TM-C7500G or TM-C7500GE printers. For TM-C7500G inks click here.