3M FM1182 Glossy White Laser Polyester 8.5" x 500Ft Label Roll

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8.5" Continuous
Roll Size:
3" core, 8" OD

3M Glossy White Polyester Labels for Laser Printers and Presses —(FM1182) Continuous Roll

8.5” wide x 500 feet, 8” OD Roll and 3” Core

Print distinctive, high gloss white polyester film labels on your laser printer or toner-based laser press without worrying about adhesive leakage with 3M FM1182 continuous label roll. Glossy white polyester film labels have a bright white, shiny surface and are commonly used for all kinds of label printing purposes ranging from eye-catching product labels to industrial labels and barcodes.


Why Choose 3M FM1182 Glossy White Polyester Film Labels for Laser Printers and Presses?

3M makes premium label materials known for their quality and durability. 3M FM1182 glossy white polyester film labels can handle the high operating temperatures of laser printers including the Primera CX1000 and CX1200 where other polyester labels tend to cause adhesive leakage. These 3M labels won’t damage the fuser or melt. In fact, if you own a Primera CX1000 or CX1200, 3M FM1182 is the preferred label substrate.


Since these 3M FM1182 glossy white polyester film labels come on a large continuous label roll, they’re also an economical choice as you can print multiple labels across the 8.5-inch width and then cut them with a slitter or digital label finishing system.

3M FM1182 Product Details

Our standard 3M FM1182 glossy white polyester film labels for laser printers and presses come on a continuous label roll (8.5” x 500’) with an 8” OD and 3” inner core.  


Download the technical data sheet for more 3M FM1182 specifications.

3M FM1182 Printer Compatibility

3M FM1182 glossy white polyester film labels are 100 percent compatible with the following digital label presses and laser printers:


This is a continuous label roll that is compatible with most digital label finishing systems, cutters, and matrix removal systems.

Custom 3M Labels for Laser Printers and Presses

Need custom 3M labels for your laser printer or press? Send us an email with information pertaining to your custom 3M label request and we will happily prepare a quote.