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Laser Marking

Laser Marking on Your Desktop

Laser marking is an engraving of any complexity, including letters, numbers, barcodes, etc. using a powerful laser ray. Laser marking ensures high-quality and durable engraving without any surface deformations. These systems ease the process of manufacturing reliable and durable labels and tags for lots of applications.

Supreme Primera Laser Equipment

A vast majority of industrial companies and enterprises take the advantages of laser marking for the effective and advanced marking. We offer you high-tech Primera laser equipment. Primera Laser Marking System LP130 can be used directly on the desktop as a regular printer making the process of laser marking more simple and convenient. LP130 has a high-power solid-state laser for durable laser marking.

Flexible Laser Marking for Any Industry

Laser marking finds wide application in any industry requiring marking especially pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

With LP130 you can produce the following types of labels - tags for medical and laboratory instruments, tags for equipment, resistant labels for protection and identification of cars, labels for solar batteries, warning signs, warranty label stickers, impact-resistant information tags, etc.

Laser Marking System Benefits

      Compact Size

      Simple and Safe in Operation

      High-Quality Marking

      Resistance to Temperature Changes, Chemicals, Moisture

      Easy Replacement of Marking Tapes

      High-Speed Printing

      No Additional Training

      Complies with Safety Standards

All-Inclusive Choice of Primera Accessories

Also, you can buy from us an air filtration system DF-30 for the laser marking system LP130 to use the system effortlessly. The filter absorbs smoke and evaporation. The DF-30 system is installed directly underneath the printer without any fastening. The system has four stages of filtration: a pre-bag filter, an MERV-13 filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon filter for odor absorption.

Order the Primera laser marking system from the leading manufacturers at Argon Store. Lift your business to new heights!