UniNet iColor 550 Heat Transfer Printer with White Toner+RIP Software

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UniNet iColor 550 Heat Transfer Printer

iColor 550 CMYKW Fluorescent White Apparel Plus Transfer Printer 120V

For those who are looking for a heat transfer printer that can do exactly what is needed, when it is needed then the UniNet iColor 550 white transfer media printer is where the search ends. This versatile low cost printer can do several things in one pass, over and under white print, all while providing rich beautiful color. It is a digital toner-based printer that can print a variety of heat transfer media that applied to a wide range of surfaces, for instance, on clothing, hard surfaces, banners, paper, and so much more using one of our heat presses. The Uninet iColor transfer media printers are top of the line while being cost friendly and versatile in any setting. It can handle any printing job that may be needed or wanted. 

The UniNet iColor transfer media printers deliver professional quality printing right from your desk and with the optional upgrade of specialty toners kits, like sublimation, security, neon fluorescent and others, this printer really goes the distance. It uses a 4 color toner ink cartridges with Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, White and Black being interchangeable and with optional toner packages, like neon, fluorescent and others, It can handle all sorts of jobs large and small with whatever is needing to be printed, rest assured that this is the printer that can answer the call. 

There are several different uses that iColor 550 transfer media printer has: 
• Heat transfer on white over print 
• Right side reading with white under print 
• CMYK print without white 
• Neon Printing 
• Sublimation transfer 

You may ask what makes this printer so unique and different than most others on the market. Well, for starters this machine can do several things in one pass using the RIP software that is included. This is truly a revolutionary digital media printer, which unlike most other printers on the market, has a full feature list of options and boasts on how easily capable of printing on both sides, over and under of garments. 

The options that this top of the line flexible yet affordable multi-media printer boasts about are some of the best features that can be found and some of them are only offered by this printer and its manufacturer, other printer manufacturers cannot seem to come close to the rich color produced, clarity of the prints, ability to be lightweight and very versatile for any project large or small, most other printers of the same type cost well over $5500+ and is not capable of even half of what the iColor 550 transfer media printer by Uninet can do. This printer can save on ink usage as well as abilities of being able to easily operate and use specialty inks. 

This full feature media printer has various printing speeds between transfer media printing and standard printing, for emulation, PostScript 3 is the preferred, the operating systems are A) Stand Alone and/or Network & B) Windows versions 7, 8, 10. Also, when using this affordable transfer media printer, rest assured that transferring graphics until clothing materials there will be damaging of the garments, This machine really takes the worry out of everyday tasks, last minute projects that come up and made with the highest quality of materials and software, this printer will give flawless hassle free printing with rich beautiful colors for many years to come, which is yet another way of your business to save money. There are benefit after benefit that comes with this unique yet surprising versatile and affordable printer that doubles as a transfer print and graphic design machine. 

Just some of the various surfaces that the heat transfer media printed on the iColor 550 work flawlessly on are as follows but not limited to: 
T-Shirts, Mouse Pads, Leather, Metal, Both Bright & Dark clothing, Company/Business t-shirt logo printing, Stickers, All type of stickers, Wood, Magnets, Ceramic, Neon Banners, Tile, Many types of fabrics such as natural and synthetic, Window cling, Aprons, advertising Banners, Plastic surfaces, Paper, Acrylic, and so much more. Really one can say that the only limits it has are the limits of one’s imagination.

However, remember that, this is by no means all of the materials or printing usage that the iColor 550 can handle, however, it’s just to show how invaluable that one product can be with all that it can do, get accomplished and making things much more efficient whish not only saves money but also valuable time. If you’re a business owner you can relate to the idea of to: to save money one might could adopt this old saying – In order to save money one most also save time. Since time is money, the more time that is saved, the more money can and usually is made. This machine is also small enough it could be set up on a desk or countertop, there’s no need to have a special room to put it in out of the way. 

This printer is a full color with white printing ability and can transfer onto a variety of different mediums such as cloth, paper, wood, ceramics, plastics and much more. With all that this machine can do it will save money, time and help get production going much faster. With optional toner upgrade kits it makes this printer even more valuable to a business than other printers. The software that comes with the printer, there is no need for the tabloid sized printer because this printer can do over sized designs and can split images into two transfer sheets that can be spliced together effortlessly. 
The benefits of white toner is that most printers does not produce true white which when trying to print on a dark garment or clear decals it will not be completely white and may have a greyish tint to it, this printer will solve that problem with the white toner kit that is optional but well worth the cost. The adding of the white toner will make all the other colors pop out when it is used. Making the graphic really beautiful and brilliant along with making it really stand out. 

The awesome feature list and all the things that this printer can do it is a must for any size company that specializes in graphic and media transfers. It will always bring the graphics to life and be cost effective to produce the desired transfers. It saves time because the product does not have to be sent elsewhere to be able to print the media in the first place, it saves space because it can be placed on a desk instead of taking up an entire room, saves money because all of the work is done right there instead of having to outsource it to begin with. This printer is so easy to use that no matter what industry that you may be in whether it is a hobbyist, professional, promotional or other types of industry the possibilities are endless, and with its versatility it can be used for so much that truly the sky is the limit when it comes to uses and production of quality graphic transfers.

Note: Once you print the heat transfer media with the iColor 550 printer, you will then need a heat press to apply that image to your Tshirt or any other item. We have heat press for caps, mugs, shoes and many other items. Long as you can put the item on a heat press, then you can apply the transfer media to it. We recommend the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press for Tshirts.

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