Primera LX400 Labels

Primera LX400 Labels

Having problems finding labels for your Primera LX500, LX500c, LX400 or LX200? Search no more, is your one-stop online shop for all your label supply needs. With, label shopping isn’t a challenge anymore. We stock a wide selection of labels suitable for Primera LX500, LX500cLX400 and LX200.

All our LX400 labels can be used with the new Primera LX500 and LX500c color label printer.

Choose from an enormous selection of labels, including the 2-inch square ones with a high gloss topcoat, and your needs for different sizes and styles of labels will be fulfilled. Primera LX400 High Gloss labels can also be used with the Primera LX200 Tag Printer and LX500.

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Speaking of variety, consider the fact that you will find LC500/LX400/LX200 paper based labels in both High Gloss or Matte Topcoats, a possibility that enables you to select the best solution for your printer. Not to mention that both are water resistant and suitable for a wide range of applications like cosmetic labels, and etc.

Primera LX400 Polypropylene (BOPP) labels are synthetic and as a result, you can use them for essential oils and cosmetic labels. Again, there are two topcoats to choose from - Matte or High Gloss.

Primera LX400 Polyester Labels are designed to be used in the most extreme applications. They come in four different topcoats - clear, white, gold and silver. Polyester labels are synthetic and durable, plus these labels have the best water resistance properties out there.

While at, consider taking a look at our Primera LX400 Name Badges, 4 by 3 inches, both glossy and matte labels. With professional name badge labels, you can print name tags anywhere you want either from home or office.