iColor 600 Heat Transfer Printer with White Toner+RIP Software

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iColor 600 Tabloid Apparel Plus Transfer Printer

iColor 600 CMYKW Tabloid Fluorescent White Apparel Plus Transfer Printer 120V

UniNet iColor 600 White Heat Transfer Printer

About the iColor 600 Transfer Printer
The iColor 600 by UniNet is a revolutionary new portable white heat transfer printer. This printer has white overprint and underprint capabilities, and it can print high-definition images on a wide variety of different media. It's easy to switch between normal and specialty ink cartridges at a moment's notice, which means that you can rely on the iColor 600 for all of your transfer printing needs. This next-generation printer has five primary uses:

• Heat transfer printing with white overprint
• Right side reading with white underprint
• Zero-white CMYK prints
• Fluorescent printing
• Sublimation transfer printing

iColor 600 Key Attributes
• Incredibly small form factor and surprisingly low weight
• Can both underprint and overprint in a single pass with the iColor TransferRIP software
• Double the white opacity of any competing brand
• White cartridge can be switched out with a true black cartridge for even more vibrant blacks
• Additional toner options like security, sublimation, fluorescent, and clear
• Uses toner to eliminate ink-related maintenance costs
• Support and servicing provided by UniNet and its global dealer network

Benefits of the iColor 600

Since the iColor 600 is portable, it's easy to take this printer wherever you need to perform a high-speed and high-resolution print job. It's possible to print onto practically any surface with this versatile toner-based printer; whether you need to put your corporate logo on backpacks or you want to make a line of T-shirts that feature your artwork, this LED-powered printer has your back.

Since the iColor 600 only uses heats of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, it's possible to use this printer to print images on even the most delicate types of fabrics without causing any damage. You can print media that's up to 11.6 inches by 52 inches in size with the iColor 600, and the iColor TransferRIP software gives you all of the tools you need to handle your transfers at the touch of a button.

The iColor 600 has a small footprint, so it's easy to put this printer wherever it's needed for the current task. Since it's possible to complete jobs of any size with this printer, it makes sense to have an iColor 600 on hand even if you don't need to complete any high-volume jobs. Here are a few of the other benefits of this revolutionary heat transfer printer:

• Fluorescent printing is easy with the iColor 600. Simply switch out the included toner cartridges with fluorescent cartridges and start printing! Sublimation cartridges are also available.

• While iColor TransferRIP is only compatible with Windows, you can use the iColor 600 with third-party heat transfer applications for macOS.

• Images printed with the iColor 600 have an incredible durability rating of 100 wash cycles.

Compatible Print and Transfer Media
With the UniNet iColor 600 heat transfer printer, you can print onto the following types of media and more:

• Fabrics
• Leather
• Mouse pads
• Sports jerseys
• Label stock
• Mugs
• Banners
• Window cling
• Metal
• Tile
• Wood
• Acrylic

1 Year UniNet Depot Warranty