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Buy RISme directly from Argon Store now. The remote installation services menu editor or RISme, for short, is one of our most widely used software solutions first introduced back in 2002. You can obtain the latest version of the software v3.0 directly online with the web download option. Alternatively, you can order the CD version which will be delivered to your shipping address in the shortest possible time.

What RISme Can Do for Your Business

With this software solution, you add custom items to the installation menu when boosting a new computer. RISme enables you to create client deployment images easily and quickly. You can then use the images for installing versions of Windows which are not natively supported by RIS.

You can use the software for creating maintenance images to extend the functionality of the remote installation services even further. You decide which tasks to create images for. These could be for BIOS updates or for managing the hardware inventory.

The software is a universal solution for companies. It is compatible with any network adapter that supports the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE). You can use it with confidence together with any of the PXE boot agents that you can purchase from out store and not only.

The Benefits of Using RISme

Argon RISme gives network administrators the extra flexibility which they have always wanted. The software is dependable and easy to use. It will not fail you when you have to perform important deployment and maintenance tasks. It will support you all the way.

The software is used by an ever-growing number of companies with their internal network. At Argon Technologies, we have always been dedicated to helping businesses succeed with reliable customization solutions for network management. We are well-known for our expertise and diverse experience.

Take a closer look at RISme and consult a specialist at Argon Store, if needed, to make the right choice.