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PXE Network Adapters

Argon Store offers a wide selection of high-end PXE Network Adapters for PCs, notebooks, and servers. Using network adapters with PXE technology, you can start the computer and boot the operating system or another necessary program remotely without any intermediaries such as floppy disks, CDs, USB-drives or hard disks.

Wide Selection of Network Adapters for Hassle-Free Network Communications

In our store, you can buy two types of network adapters:

  • USB Network Adapters
  • PCI Network Adapters

Depending on the model, our network adapters support a different set of functions. The affordable network cards come useful for conventional home/office desktop computers or laptops. In turn, the more sophisticated adapter is, the more elaborate functions it has. And a special chip Bus Master reduces the load on the central processor if there is an intensive data exchange or lots of multimedia applications are running at the same time. If you burden your computer with lots of applications, look for more advanced models.

Also, the more "advanced" network card supports more functions such as BootRom and Wake On, which allow you to remotely turn on and off the computer, as well as to boot the computer over the network. We also have adapters that support different data rates. The network adapters provide fast traffic transfer and are compatible with most operating systems.

PXE Network Adapter Benefits

  • Allows deploying new operating applications remotely
  • Ensures a hassle-free connection to the network
  • Easy to install and use
  • Allows the workstation to be connected to the network, even when the power is off

High reliability and performance make our network adapters an excellent solution for both office and home use. The network adapters come complete with all necessary software on a disk.

Order a network adapter at Argon Store today, and get it tomorrow.