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Client Management Services (CMS)

Choose Argon Client Management Services for more efficient data management and protection. Buy licenses and software directly from our online store for maximum convenience. You will receive the license key directly via email. You can get the software on a CD which will be shipped to you or download it directly online. Don’t miss out on the expert services at affordable prices.

What You Get

Our solution features both server-based services and administration tools that enable you to create an open network boot environment. This enables you to deploy all third-party client management instruments that you require before the booting of the operating system. This presents enormous opportunities for your company.

You will be able to manage files in the most efficient manner. Check them, back them up and restore them easily and quickly at any time. Perform thorough virus scans and flash update the system BIOS. These are just some of the things that you can do effectively before the booting of the client PC from its local hard drive.

With Argon Client Management Services, network administrators have full control on how many, if any, bootup instructions are delivered to the client computers which are part of the network. The solution is a breeze to use for those who have the required technical skills for the job. Get every task done in the most efficient way. 

Why Argon CMS

Argon Technology is a top provider of network booting tools with extensive experience and solid reputation in the industry. Numerous companies of all industries and sizes rely on our expertise to manage their network in an effective and efficient way. Our solutions are designed to help you improve your operations by providing a reliable backup and extra protection. Save time, effort and money and run your business smoothly. Take full advantage of Argon Client Management Services now.